Welcome to V&L Honeymakers!

We are a bee business, based in North Oxfordshire and our 39 apiary sites are dotted around the Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire countryside. Our Company is called Honeybee Suppliers – this is the name that we use to sell our Buckfast bees and Queen bees. Our rapidly growing honey production business is called V&L Honeymakers, a brand name and logo we have created especially for our lovely honey. V is for Viktor: Chief beekeeper and honeymaker, and L is for Lucy: tea maker to the beemaker, and Chief of the Admin!

We currently run around 1000 colonies for honey production. We don’t use chemicals or antibiotics in our bee management programme, as we prefer to farm as holistically as is possible. For prophylactic treatment of Varroah we use approved treatments with no effect on the bees and honey.

We extract our honey on our own premises and though every year is different, we are very lucky because our biggest sites of bees (where our workshop is based) is at Brakelands Farm, and here our kindly farmer, Duncan, grows big fields of borage, broad beans flowers, and plants nectar strips of sweet clover, thereby ensuring there is a good crop of delicious mixed flower and speciality honeys every year.


May Boatwright: "A worker bee weighs less than a flower petal, but she can fly with a load heavier than her" (The Secret Life Of Bees)



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